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neo worldO strong rare earth  magnets Raro, “The Invisible Adjunct: An Appreciation,” Slaves of Academe, 17 May. I still think  Neodymium much of the best of academic blogging is done by people largely inspired by IA’s example. Few of us have her brilliant mix of thoughtful posts, gift for repartee, and readiness, when necessary, with the  strong rare earth magnets ft or stern rebuke. I miss her deeply and have, to no avail, made two efforts to draw her back into the public sphere. This is al strong rare earth magnets a good opportunity to note the fact  Neodymium two alums of IA’s school, Naomi Chana and Russell Arben Fox, are leaving academic positions and Fox has closed his blog. It is academe’s and the ‘sphere’s loss. Best wishes to them both.magnets for sale
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Farewell to Peter Viereck, who died ten days ago. The obituaries did not improve buy  magnets Tom Reiss, “The First Conservative,” New Yorker, 24 October 2005.

Finally, I like the title of Rachel’s new blog, I’m Too Sexy for My Master’s Thesis. I dare say!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
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La Follette, Taft, Gruening, and . . . William Jeffer strong rare earth  magnets n
During World War I, Robert La Follete risked his career to stand up for congressional prerogatives–first in the run-up to World War I, where he challenged Woodrow Wil strong rare earth  magnets n’s authority to wage an undeclared war; then during the war, when he upheld the authority of Disc Magnet Neodymium N45 1/2″x1/16″
ferrofluidsenators to speak buy magnets issues of the day against threats to expel him from the upper chamber for his continued dissent. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Robert Taft fought a courageous if unsuccessful battle against Harry Truman’s efforts to cbuy  magnets strong rare earth magnets lidate the warmaking and treatymaking powers in the executive branch. During the 1960s, Ernest Gruening articulated a case for a robust congressional role in gpowerful magnets for sale nment based buy magnets the innovative use of procedure, intellectual forcefulness, and the appropriations power.
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In recent years, those of us concerned with the erosibuy  magnets of congressional power have been looking for an intellectual leader in the legislature. Robert Byrd is the figure most frequently cast in this role–but the West Virginia senator is in many ways a poor choice: during the Vietnam War, Nixbuy  magnets officials referred to him as a “king’s man,” and he repeatedly spbuy magnets strong rare earth magnets red amendments to weaken Congress’ role in international affairs.

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