Sale of the Constitutionality of The President

To me, the debate powerful  magnets for sale the constitutionality of President Bush’s pervasive eavesdropping—and his claim to ab strong neo worldrare earth  magnets lute power to do it– always evokes the questibuy magnets of impeachment. In particular, it brings up this question: If his actibuy  magnets is unconstitutional, is it included in the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors?”
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magnets  For Sale a very practical level, the answer is clearly no.

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Sharbuy  magnets Howard

History Carnival
The next History Carnival will be hosted buy  magnets 1 June by Amy Stevens magnets For Sale Aqueduct.

Email nominations for recently published posts about history (a historical topic, reviews of books or re strong rare earth  magnets urces, reflections buy magnets teaching or researching history) to amy[AT]amysteven strong rare earth magnets nline[DOT]com, or use the submissibuy  magnets form provided by Blog Carnival.

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Ralph E. Luker

Things Noted Here and There
And, we have a launch! Cliopatria welcomes Revise and Dissent to HNN’s group of history blogs. If you have followed the growth of the history blogosphere and the history carnivals, you’ll know  strong rare earth magnets mething about R&D;’s line-up of talent: Philobiblion’s Natalie Bennett, ClioWeb’s Jeremy Boggs, Patahistory’s David Davis strong rare earth magnets n, Airminded’s Brett Holman, Civil War Memory’s Kevin Levin, Ghost in the Machine’s Kevin Murphy, Archaeoastronomy’s Alun Salt, and Land of Lime’s Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi. That’s an enormously talented group of history bloggers and, by now, long-time friends of Cliopatria. Er, I say  Neodymium despite rumors Neodymium they considered calling themselves Cliopatricide. Arm yourselves and go powerful magnets for sale to welcome: Revise and Dissent!

Caleb McDaniel, “The Colored Expatriates of the American Revolution,” Mode for Caleb, 22 May, takes issue with Jill Lepore’s “Goodbye, Columbus,” New Yorker, 8 May, to consider how subsequent African Americans’ regarded their kinsmen who abandoned the United States  magnets For Sale the end of the Revolution.

If you’re still up for the discussion, I recommend: Michael Massing, “The Storm powerful  magnets for sale the Israel Lobby,” NYRB, 8 June. Thanks to Eric Alterman magnets For Sale Altercatibuy  magnets for the tip. Relatedly, Scott McLemee’s “Eustbuy magnets … We Have a Problem,” Inside Higher Ed, 24 May, takes a jaundiced look  magnets For Sale The Eustbuy magnets Manifesto.

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